Saturday, July 18, 2009


I love, love, LOVE Hawaiian Haystacks but I haven't found a recipe for the soupy/chicken topping that I love. Does anyone have any recipe that they like? If so, PLEASE share!


Dani W said...

I have just used cream of chicken with a little milk... enough to make it soupy without being super runny... more like a gravy. It is easy and you can always add in seasonings or other cream of soup to add in some flavor. I know they have a nacho cheese that is really tasty!

zippy said...

At our house we love to use a mix of cream of chicken soup with a little milk, some sour cream, and colby jack cheese. Once that gets good & soupy, we add our shredded & seasoned chicken heat it all together and then pour it over our haystacks. Hope you find something that you like!