Friday, July 17, 2009

The Infamous Enciladas...

This recipe is very well received and can be made more intense or more subdue very easily depending on types of salsa and amount of seasonings added. Warning... can be messing and is best when done with a few people... oh and these can be addicting!


5 Chicken breasts (boiled)
lg block of cheese or bag of shredded cheese equiv. in amt
pkg of tortillas
fam. size can of cream of chicken
1 1/2 cup milk
chunky salsa
puree salsa (red) "El Pato" brand tastes best
puree salsa (green) "El Pato"
diced green chilies (you will need abt 2 small cans)
chili pwdr
crushed red pepper
green enchilada sauce

shred boiled chicken & cheese. Mix milk in with cream of chicken. Spray lg casserole dish with non stick spray. Heat oven to 400.

In tortilla add in a med. handful of shredded chicken. Add in seasonings. Add a lg handful of cheese. Add in all three salsas & green chilies (spoonful of each). Roll but do not close ends. Add to lg casserole dish (9x13) with end of tortilla at bottom of dish pointing & pointing away from handle so it doesn't unroll. This just makes it so you can fit all 8 into dish.

Continue process with remaining tortillas.

Once last enchilada is rolled and placed in dish (you might need to squeeze them all in. Make sure you roll pretty tightly without ripping tortilla) add in cream of chicken mixture. Pour on enchilada sauce. Add remaining cheese. Sprinkle with chili pwdr. (make sure if dish is VERY full of liquid you place a cookie sheet under to catch drippings... better to be a little more full than to not have enough liquid).

Cook for 15 to 20 min or until cheese starts to bubble a little or turns golden. Ends of tortilla will dry out a little as well... means it is good and done. If you want to turn the boiler on for a quick min you can brown the top a little but don't take your eyes off of it or it will burn very fast!

Eat and enjoy!

~*~Dani w

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