Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Greek Yogurt!

Okay, What is it and how is it different than regular yogurt. Lets start with the Nutritional info: Now if you notice its 24 grams of protein per 8oz!

The texture is VERY creamy and to be honest the flavor and texture reminds me if you were to add half plain reg yogurt and cream cheese. I love to add splenda ( sugar makes me sick and slenda is no calories) and fresh cut up fruit.. its so tasty. Kinda like unbaked cheese cake. I've even thought Oreo's crumbled up would be great but it would defeat the eating healthy part :)

Here in the Northwest I've found the yogurt at Safeway and Fred Meyer, in the Organic isle. ( its cheaper at Safeway) I've also found it at Trader Joe's but its pricey there. You can goggle Greek yogurt and see what stores sell it.

I like the brands: Oikos and Voskos.

Just try it :) Just make sure you add a bit of Sugar or Spenda.

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