Thursday, November 8, 2007

Never Fail Pie Crust

With Thanksgiving around the corner I thought this pie crust recipe might be useful. It is a really easy...really good crust. I put any left over bits into a pie tin/ pan and sprinkle cinnamon sugar on them and eat them like a cookie! Yum. Hope you enjoy.

Never-Fail Pie Crust

2 cups flour
1 tsp. salt
1 cup shortening
Cut shortening into flour until crumbly.

1 Tbsp. vinegar
1/3 cup cold milk

Add and mix with a fork. Divide dough and roll out. For shell, prick and bake at 450 degree's for about ten minutes. Makes 3 (8 or 9 inch) pies or a large double crust pie. My mom can get 3 pie crusts out of it but I usually just get two with enough left to make a yummy cinnamon sugar cookie!


Lallie said...

Yum - You should have made a pie for yesterday... We didn't have anything sweet! I love the picture that you posted with the recipe. We went to a Norman Rockwell museum in Mass once when my aunt & uncle lived there!

amelia said...

yumminess. zeeny and i grew up on this pie crust and i've never found a better recipe.

a few tips for rolling it out and transferring to a pie plate:

1. you can roll it out on a floured surface and use a metal spatula to loosen it, fold it in half and then lift onto a pie plate where you unfold it.


2. you can roll it out between two sheets of wax paper. this makes it pretty easy to pick up a rolled-out crust to transfer it to a pie plate. in fact, if you're using a metal pie tin, you can just remove the top wax paper, but your pie tin on top of the crust upside down and use the bottom wax paper to flip it over.

there's the old rolling pin method, but that always seems unwieldy to me.

can't wait for mom's thanksgiving pumpkin pies...

Bonster said...

I found a recipe that was a cream cheese pie crust, Has anyone ever tried a cream cheese pie crust before?

guinevere said...

This recipe brings back memories of Thanksgiving 2004! Thanks for everything. This is a great recipe. But I think I was pretty traumatized that year and have to confess that I haven't made a pie since!